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Interventions are one of the greatest devices for getting people who suffer from addiction to a rehabilitation (rehab) treatment program to get the help they need. There are countless people concerned about someone in their life, someone whom they love who may be significantly and frighteningly changed because of drug or alcohol dependency. Watching an addict suffer and fight can be a miserable process, particularly if it is a dear friend or loved one. Many people have asked, “How can I help my family member get the treatment they need?” and “What will my part be in getting my friend clean?”

Though addicts are deeply loved by family and friends, those loved ones often get tired of saying no, upset about being used, and fed up with the people who encourage the addict with codependent behavior. Fear of confrontation can’t prevent taking action. Call Intervention Services Rancho Cucamonga at 909 256-7109 for information about interventions and how to coordinate one.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is an experience that is highly effective at convincing an addict to enter a treatment facility to address their dependency problems. People that are concerned about the addict, such as family, loved ones, clergy members, and coaches, join together to come together to express their concern about the effects of their drug or alcohol addiction and inspire them to obtain treatment. Sometimes the addict will either not recognize that there is an issue, or be in denial regarding their addiction, and many times they are unwilling to get assistance. However, the goal of an intervention is essential to give the addict an opportunity to make life-saving changes. There are a couple of subjects that must be addressed during an intervention, such as:

  • explicit examples of hurtful behavior
  • the way substance abuse has affected the addict and their loved ones
  • the therapy plan
  • objectives and guidelines that the addict is expected to observe
  • the consequences each participant promises to enact if the addict will not enter a rehabilitation center of some kind

The four different types of interventions are simple, crisis, classical, and family system:

  • A simple intervention is simply asking the person to stop their harmful behavior.
    • Before another, more complicated intervention method is attempted, a simple intervention should be used.
  • A crisis intervention is used to address extremely dangerous, risky situations, like reckless driving, violence, or life-threatening addiction.
  • Getting a particular person to agree to go into treatment immediately is the objective of a classical intervention.
  • All of the members of a family are the focus of a family system intervention. Since socially dysfunctional living environments develop in situations of substance abuse and family violence, it’s important that everyone concerned agrees to stop their behaviors.

What Is the Difference Between an Intervention and Rehab?

There is a major difference between an intervention and therapy, however, each is an integral part of the recovery process. Intervention Center Rancho Cucamonga, CA explains that interventions are meant to persuade the addict to go into treatment, and are organized by their friends, their family, and people who care about them. Rehabilitation is the best way to get an addict to quit using drugs or alcohol, but you need to remember that an intervention is NOT treatment, but a means of getting the addict to rehab.

Treatment rehabilitation addiction centers, like Addiction Rehab Center California, teach the addict about the disease of drug and alcohol addiction and give them the skills and techniques they’re going to need to preserve long-term recovery. Intervention Center Rancho Cucamonga, CA very strongly urges following up an intervention straight away with a rehab program, ideally on the same day.

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Watching a loved one suffer and battle with substance addiction is frustrating and horrifying. Occasionally, an intervention can be as easy as asking the individual to stop their habits, however, most times it involves an organized, intense effort by family and friends. Drug Treatment Rehab can help by providing interventionists, locating rehab facilities around the country, or talking about substance abuse in general. In order to get a friend the support they so desperately require, call 909-256-7109 immediately!